Both, restaurant and farm (estate) Rotovnik, so-called Plesnik, have a long tradition, since the begining of the restaurant reaches in year 1858. We can still see this year written down on a wooden beam in the restaurant. But probably house was built many years before.

The restaurant has always been rural. The farm used to have its own saw-mill and mill. The farm has always been in family hands. Today it is the sixth generation of Rotovnik family already that lives and works here.

In 2006 Jože, Oskar`s son, and his wife Marija renovated the whole house, so now it reminds of the good old times in many views. Meanwhile, the restaurant has become a tourist farm, today under Jože´s daughter, Helena, management.
  • Genuine Pohorc

  • Očetov prosti čas

  • Henrik

  • Prigrizek na terasi

  • Še vedno delujoč spomin na stare čase JUKE-BOX!

  • Posebna soba, primerna za skupino dvajsetih ljudi.

  • Gostinska soba, primerna za skupino tridesetih ljudi.

  • Skale na vrtu, ko sonce zaide začnejo oddajat svojo energijo.

  • 2-chicken boss


Rotovnik Plesnik
Helena Rotovnik
Legen 134 a
2383 Šmartno pri Slovenj Gradcu

tel.: +386 2 88 53 666
mob.: +386 41 893 252