We respect culinary tradition of our region and the Carinthia region food in general. We are working in order to serve more or less seasonal food. Since the farm has certificate of organic cultivation already for seven years, all our food is organic.

Raw materials and products that we do not produce on our own, we try to buy from other organic farms nearby.

We offer different home-made welcome drinks, as known as brandies and liqueurs like: walnut liqueur, liqueur made of spruce shoots, balm-mint and peppermint liqueur, tarragon liqueur, raspberry liqueur, bilberry brandy, etc.

We offer you a delicious family lunch or indulge you in other occasions.

We also offer home-made apple juice, raspberry juice, elder juice, currant juice, cranberry juice and must. For breakfast our guests can taste home-made jams (flavours of raspberry, currant, rhubarb, blueberry, …) and honey.

We prepare food, tipical for Carinthia region

  • "mežerli"
  • veal stew with buckwheat hard-boiled corn mush
  • lamb and home-made chicken
  • Carinthian horse radish, made of bread
  • cheese pie
  • »klocl nudlne«
  • trouts
  • Moja strast - kuhanje marmelade, tokrat malinova.

  • Postrv z domačega ribnika

  • Koroška skuta v družbi tunke

  • Koroške specialitete

  • Mavrica potic

  • Priprava zelišč za aperitive

  • Mamini sirovi štruklji! mmmmm...

  • Domače klobase


Rotovnik Plesnik
Helena Rotovnik
Legen 134 a
2383 Šmartno pri Slovenj Gradcu

tel.: +386 2 88 53 666
mob.: +386 41 893 252